Thursday, December 5, 2019


Christmas Parade coming THIS Saturday!

Way to go!

Congratulations to Haven Kirby for signing a softball scholarship with UNA!!

Congratulations to Jacob Lovell, Taylor Long, Braxton Cox, and AJ Smith for placing 2nd at the North District FFA welding contest.

Sunday, December 1, 2019


Mistletoe Magic.

As in years past, parade watchers can expect to see a fleet of antique tractors and trucks, lots of firetrucks, the Elkmont High School band and auxiliary, riders on horseback, and Jolly Old Saint Nick bringing up the rear atop a carriage drawn by a team of Clydesdale horses.

Our parade is a parade for everyone!!  
Starts at 1 pm on Saturday, December 7th from the school.
Come enjoy the Christmas festivities!


Parade Route:
It will begin on Redus Street, north of Elkmont High School, travel down Highland Avenue, turn onto Upper Fort Hampton Road and head through downtown Elkmont and onto Alabama 127, where it will terminate in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot.

Saturday, November 30, 2019


There are many of us  Elkmont folk who have chickens.  You need to take a few extra steps to keep them healthy and happy for the winter.  

Hill Spirit came across this blog (The Happy Chicken Coop) that you may want to check out.   Your chickens will be prepared for the winter if you take care of them in the next few weeks.

Sunday, November 24, 2019


Time just seems to be flying by, doesn't it? But of course it always does during the holiday season since we are so busy.
This week we are focusing almost exclusively on Thanksgiving, since it actually happens this week. We'll continue with more Christmas preparations next week, and beyond.

Link to complete article, well worth your time.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 18, 2019


This is already week seven of the Stress Free Holidays Series. Can you believe how time has flown by? That means there are only six weeks left until Christmas. Do you feel prepared for both holidays?

This week we will again be focusing on Thanksgiving a lot, because it is getting closer, with just a little Christmas preparation thrown in for good measure.

Link for complete article, well worth your time.

Thursday, October 31, 2019


These have been sent in from Elkmont residents or from published sources. Do you have one from the Elkmont area to share? Hill Spirit has not experienced any of these but one never knows...

The old buildings line downtown Elkmont. The last two next to the trail used to be the site of the Sugar Bucket Mercantile.  It has moved down the the road but some believe the old buildings have a ghost.  Curious things happen and an invisible prankster continues to make its presence known; little things such as objects not quite being in the same spot the next morning as they were before; little things such as quiet whispers, unexplained gentle breezes and cold spots but especially when things disappear. 

One such event happened soon after the Sugar Bucket opened for business.  Amanda, a dear family friend, was helping out in the store. She had been there all week. However on this day, safe in the knowledge her keys were put away, the invisible prankster was out and about.  All went well through the day, but when she got ready to leave for the night, grabbing for her keys, they were gone.  Everyone joined in the hunt, but alas, the keys were no where to be found. 

For the next several days, everything was moved, every box, container and sugar bucket was checked but no keys were found. Finally, in desperation, Amanda called out to what  had they had started to call Jasper over those earlier weeks. "Jasper, I really need those keys.  Please put them back."  To everyone's amazement,  the keys were laying on the second  counter shelf where they should have been from the beginning.  How many times had they looked there? How many times had others looked? She couldn't count the number but there the keys were. Could it have been the mysterious prankster, Jasper, proud of his little joke, who put them there?

It has happened more than once that keys disappear and end up in unexplained locations.  Another friend came to Sugar Bucket to visit and put his keys on the counter and when he looked around to get them, they were gone.  Of course the search began; each room the friend had visited was checked but they could not be found.  Finally, in the back room where he never entered, the keys were found...... found in the very bottom of a hobby lobby bag tucked in a corner. Jasper had struck again.  Now, whenever this friend comes through the door, he smiles and tucks his keys securely in his pants pocket.

....... So when you visit the Sugar Bucket, remember Jasper.  Say hello; he may be listening but be sure to hang on to your keys. He may be up to some tricks instead of treats.


Love the silly symphonies and here is a good one to share for Halloween. Make it full screen and enjoy.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


These have been sent in from Elkmont residents or from published sources. Do you have one from the Elkmont area to share? Hill Spirit has not experienced any of these but one never knows...

In downtown Elkmont, a row of brick buildings has stood for many years.  One building close to the trail and used to be the home of Sugar Bucket Mercantile was built before 1936. It has been the site of several businesses over the years and many people have passed through its door.  Perhaps a few or perhaps just one, may have decided to stay.....

Two sisters (Rhonda Buelow and Tona Underwood) who had a passion for all things rustic and primitive decided a business, the Sugar Bucket, was just what was needed.  The old store front was perfect to share their collection of treasures with others.  As they worked to create a place that was a little touch of home to welcome those who also loved a simpler time, a curious presence was felt.  It was there when paint touched up the walls, as windows and floors were cleaned and as the furnishings and quilts added beauty and interest.  It seemed content and all was well.

However, tucked away behind a wall is a stairway that goes down into a cellar, one with the original stone walls and low ceilings, a place where the old water heater sat. A red, rusty circular saw blade snuggled down in the dirt floor beside it. This blade looked like it has been there for many years.  As the cellar was rearranged and decluttered, the saw blade was moved around but by the next morning, it always was in its place next to the heater.  After several weeks of the mysterious moving blade, Rhonda had enough of the invisible prankster, she had started to call Jasper.  She put the blade in a box of trash and threw it outside in the dumpster. It was finally gone and good riddance or so she thought.

The next morning when she went down the stairs to the cellar, she turned the corner and there the red saw blade was, nestled in the dirt next to the hot water heater.  She told Jasper, "I'm sorry I threw it away and since you evidently want this saw blade here than it will stay and nobody will bother it." ..... So...... if you dare the creaky, old stair down to the cellar, you will find the wandering red blade still there.