Friday, July 20, 2018


When the clouds gets threatening, people start looking for a safe place to weather the storm.  We are fortunate that historically tornadoes go around the town of Elkmont. 

As you go east toward Elkton Road and I-65, the land gets lower and the chances go up. Tornadoes typically run in the valleys. Even though Elkmont is more protected by the hilltop, we are blessed with two places to seek safety in times of need.

The storm shelter is not a hotel and is not furnished with the comforts of home. It is a bare bone facility designed with one purpose in mind, your safety.  Bring your own chair, sleeping bag, snacks and source of entertainment. Hill Spirit doesn't think a tv is available so don't count on it. 

Animals are not allowed except for service ones.  You need to decide to leave Toto at home or leave him in the car.

Leave your stuff in the car until you check with the volunteer firefighter on site to see if it can be brought in. The shelter doesn't have unlimited space. 

19667 Sandlin Road

*Left:   Aviagen
*Right: Fire Department
*Rear:  Storm Shelter

The safe room will be opened immediately when a Tornado Watch is issued for Limestone County.

*We will establish communications with EMA upon activation. We will keep occupants updated with current weather information. Occupants shall adhere to Safe Room Rules which will be posted in Safe Room  If the Safe Room is in the vicinity or path of a tornado the doors will be locked, should residents attempt to enter the Safe Room they will be allowed and the doors locked back.        

*The Safe Room will be opened by someone in the Elkmont Vol. Fire Dept. that person will be there until the threat of bad weather is gone or is released by another member of the Fire Dept.

Chief - Michael Carter
Assistant Chief  - Phillip (Fuzz) Hastings
Captain - Wade Holt

*another place to shelter is the basement of the United Methodist Church at 25444 Children Street*


Often you will see prediction maps with different colors and many of us aren't sure what they mean. 

To help us figure out what the map means below, Hill Spirit found a graphic that does a good job of explaining the bands of color. A risk for severe weather exists for across the entire region.  Damaging winds will be the biggest threat. Please review your severe weather safety plans and have multiple ways to get warning info

And this last table illustrates the meaning of storm color maps in a funny but still true way for many of us.


School Supplies Tax Free Weekend Starts

Mo Brooks Elkmont Satellite Office Open @ 9 am

*Dominoes, TV, billiards, joker and other games; 8 am

School Supplies Tax Free Weekend


School Supplies Tax Free Weekend

*Bingo, billiards, dominoes, TV, joker and other games, 8 a.m.

*Country Music @ 6:30 pm; all ages are invited to attend or participate

*Bingo, billiards, dominoes, TV, joker and other games, 8 a.m.
*Senior Shopping Trip


*Dominoes, TV, billiards, joker and other games; 8 am

Mo Brooks Elkmont Satellite Office Open @ 9 am

*Dominoes, TV, billiards, joker and other games; 8 am



*Bingo, billiards, dominoes, TV, joker and other games, 8 a.m.

*Country Music @ 6:30 pm; all ages are invited to attend or participate

Kindergarten Camp will be held July 30-31 from 8:30-11:30. : This is for all 2018-2019 Kindergartners at Elkmont Elementary. Please register your child for Kindergarten Camp at:
*Bingo, billiards, dominoes, TV, joker and other games, 8 a.m.
*Senior Shopping Trip


*Dominoes, TV, billiards, joker and other games; 8 am




The week has already been busy with Elkmont Red Devil Days and the Pre-K Orientation.  Tax Free Weekend started at in the wee hours of this morning today.  School starts August 8.


Welcome to the start of another exciting year at Elkmont High School. The administration, faculty, and staff look forward to meeting you at Elkmont Red Devil Days. This is an opportunity to take care of some important items pertaining to the upcoming school year.


Wednesday, July 18
SENIORS-- 8:00-9:45 AM
JUNIORS-- 10:00-11:30 AM
SOPHOMORES-- 1:00-2:45 PM
FRESHMAN-- 3:00- 4:45 PM
Schedule changes can be submitted beginning on Monday, July 23 at 8am

Wednesday, July 25
8th Grade-- 8:00-9:45 AM
7th Grade-- 10:00-11:45 AM
6th Grade-- 1:00- 2:30 PM
Schedule changes can be submitted beginning on Monday, July 30 at 8am

** Students will ONLY be allowed to pick up their own schedule. Also, schedules will not be sent through email, remind, or any other electronic means. Schedules must be picked up in person. If you owe any fines from last year all fines must be paid before you can pick up your schedule. Our goal is for all schedule changes to be completed before school begins. Once school begins there will be no schedule changes. 

EHS Open House Info:
August, 7th from 5:00pm to 6:30pm-- Students and parents will be able to visit classrooms and meet teachers. Mr. Tribble will host a question and answer session in the cafeteria.

The following tables will be set up in the main office

Table 1. Schedules
Students pick up their here. Schedule change request forms will be located at this table.
Table 2. INOW: 
Students and parents can get access to INOW. Access to Inow will allow for both students and parents to view grades throughout the school year.

Table 3. Lockers and Parking Decals: 
Locker rental fees are $6.00
Parking Decals are $25.00

Parking Decal Information: 
*Completed Automobile Parking Permit Application
*Drug test consent form signed 
*$25 payment of cash or check
July 17 - Pre-K Orientation
July 30 - Kindergarten Camp
July 31 - Kindergarten Camp
*Kindergarten Camp will be from 8:30-11:30. : This is for all 2018-2019 Kindergartners at Elkmont Elementary. Please register your child for Kindergarten Camp at:

August 1 
*Class Lists will be posted on the front doors of the school at 5:00 PM. 

August 6

August 8 - School Starts 

Important Announcements

Get Connected and Follow Us on Social Media:

Car Riders:
  • Car Rider Numbers: If you need a Car Line Number, we will have a table at Open House on Monday August 6. If you are unable to attend, you will have an opportunity to get a car line number while in car line during the 1st week of school.
  • Morning: Students should NEVER exit the car until Coach Pugh gives the "GREEN" signal from the front of the line. This will ensure that all students are safe from moving cars. Parents, please do not move you cars until Coach Pugh motions for you to do so.
  • Afternoon: Please place your car rider number in a visible place in your windshield.

Thursday, July 19, 2018


Another great podcast  from Jack Spirko to help you be better able to deal with life when it goes sideways. This is a podcast especially for our younger Elkmont folk (under 40).

From Jack:
It is a question I think many young people would have to honestly answer with no.  But middle agers, you folks ain’t off the hook here either.  Let us ponder that question today and ask what it would mean to actually be prepared for life and discover if we are even close to teaching our young people that today.
What does prepared for life mean, I think it would differ based on who you ask but here is what it basically means to me.  If you are prepared for life you can not just function but thrive no matter the conditions around you.  You can adapt, think on your feet and learn what ever you need to learn.  You can take risks and be okay with failure because you know how to mitigate risks.  That is a short summary, but it indeed is prepared for life.
Based on that definition we are not preparing our youth for life and have not been doing so for a long time.  This includes my own generation and prior.


Join Jack Today to Discuss…


It's 5:30. I wake up and think "do I really want to get up and run?" Then the rationalizations start..."my feet hurt"....."my legs are sore"...."do I have any clean socks"...."I wonder if all that pounding makes me shorter?"...I can lay here and take inventory of all the reasons not to or just get up and do it! I know the do most of us. 

Getting up is 1/2 the battle in most things in life. We can choose to let our "aches and pains" hold us back or get up and live. Life can be tough. A lot of people I know are going through some rough times right now. It will get better. 

If you have to lay there and skip a "run" or two do it but get back at it! Life can be too great to lay and push snooze! long as we are breathing we have them! Have a good one!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Throughout the summer the staff in schools all over the country shifts and changes.  Elkmont Schools are no different.  The Elkmont personnel actions made during the the July 10 Limestone County Board meeting are:

Sean Holt
*went to East Lawrence

Elaine McCord  
*technical specialist from Tanner to Elkmont elementary/high school

Regina Clem
*physical education Elkmont to Piney Chapel

Anthony Oliver
*history at Elkmont High, replacing Jacob Ryan 

Donnie Story
*history at Elkmont High, replacing Sean Holt

Look for more changes before the school year starts.



We have the left media, we have the right media but there are other points of views still ... what do you think? 


There has been a lot of confusion lately in the mainstream economic media as well as in independent media circles as to the behavior of stock markets in the wake of the recently initiated global trade war. In particular, stocks suffered one of the longest runs of negative days in their history in June, only to then spike just after Donald Trump “officially” began trade war tariffs in July. The expectation by many was that the headlines would cause an immediate and continued downturn in equities markets, but this was not the case. Many analysts have been left bewildered.
This is an issue I have touched on multiple times since the beginning of this year, and it is something I predicted long before Trump's election in 2016. But it is obvious that the schizophrenic nature of stocks needs to be addressed in a very concise, no-holds-barred fashion, because there are still far too many people who are looking at all the wrong causes and correlations. First, let's be clear: stock markets are not tracking the news headlines. The past month should have proved this if there was any previous doubt.

It is hard for investors and some analysts to grasp this fact, primarily because for at least the past few years it appeared as though stock markets were utterly dictated by headlines out of Bloomberg, Reuters and other mainstream media outlets. Once investors and analysts became used to this narrative it was difficult for them to adapt when the dynamic changed. They are still living in the past based on an assumption that was never quite correct to begin with. In reality, headlines never actually dictated stock prices; it was always the Federal Reserve among other central banks.
As I and others have noted consistently, stock market valuations for the past several years have tracked almost perfectly with the Fed's balance sheet. That is to say, every time the Fed purchased more assets and increased the balance sheet, stocks went up.


After years of the notorious “Fed Put,” we now have an entire generation of investors and market writers that have never experienced a stock environment in which equities actually fall according to the health of their corresponding companies or the economy at large. The past year has been a bit of a shock for them, and it's only going to get worse.
The Fed's interventions in stocks are now essentially over, which is exactly why stocks are no longer hitting new historic highs every month as they used to. The massive bull market rally of the post credit crash world of 2008 has stalled, and here are the reasons why.

Central Banks tapering QE

The Federal Reserve was only the first to begin tapering its purchases of treasury bonds. Japan is now in the midst of what many are referring to as a “stealth taper” of its own bond purchases. The European Central Bank has announced it will likely end its QE program by the end of this year. Bond purchases helped first to support the ever growing debt burden of the governments and nations in question, but along with artificially low interest rates, it made bond investment less desirable in terms of profits. This pushed the majority of investors into stocks, where profits were essentially guaranteed by the central banks. Now that QE is ending around the world and rates are rising along with yields, bonds are becoming a competing asset, luring investors away from stocks once more.

Central Banks raising interest rates

The Federal Reserve has been raising rates consistently since the end of 2016, exactly as I predicted they would before the U.S. election.  Interest rates are a direct influencing factor in stocks — low interest rates and cheap overnight loans to corporations by the Fed allowed these companies to continually buy back their own stocks, thereby decreasing the number of stock offerings available on the market and artificially boosting the value of the stocks that were left circulating.

Corporations have taken on a historic level of debt not seen since 2007 in order to keep their stocks prices high. Now that interest rates are rising, the party is almost over. The only source of capital left to fuel the stock buyback bonanza has been the Trump corporate tax cut.  Instead of using this cut as a means to increase employment, innovation and to bring manufacturing back to the U.S., companies have instead squandered it on boosting the stock market yet again. However, as we have seen this year so far, without the aid of cheap money from the central bank the effects of stock buybacks are diminishing. How long will it take for corporations to completely exhaust this last revenue stream? I predict stock buybacks will die off by the end of this year. And with rising interest rates, all that debt they took on in order to keep stocks elevated will now become rather expensive to hold onto. Once stock buybacks diminish, markets will crash. It's important to note that the Fed is not the only central bank that is raising interest rates. The Bank of Canada and the Bank of England among others are beginning to push higher rates as well.

Federal Reserve cutting balance sheet

The Fed has been the single most important trigger for stock markets. Period. As noted above, it was the Fed that created the historic bull market rally after the derivatives collapse. Jerome Powell, the current chairman of the Fed, noted back in 2012 that this was the case, and also made statements on what would happen is the Fed ever raised interest rates and cut asset purchases, ending the central bank's “short position.” What did Powell predict in 2012? Essentially, a stock market crash. And, yet, as the new Fed chair, he is implementing the exact measures he warned about back in 2012.

With every new balance sheet cut and rate hike, the Dow Jones in particular tends to lose 1,000 points or more. The damages have been mitigated by continued stock buybacks from corporations, but as already mentioned, this stop gap will be ending shortly. In May, we saw an exaggerated market spike, but the Fed slowed cuts that month and also added a small amount of purchases, which only supports my assertion that the balance sheet is the primary indicator of where stocks are headed. I should also note that the St. Louis Fed recently ended its reporting of data on cuts from week-to-week. There are other sources for this data, but they mainly show how much was cut per month, not when in the month those cuts were made. The St. Louis data was originally reported on a weekly basis. I believe the Fed is not attempting to hide the size of its asset dumps, but it is attempting to hide the exact timing of when the cuts occurred.  In this way, they hope to distance themselves from any blame as it becomes more difficult to connect Fed cuts to specific plunges in stock markets.

Trade war distraction

The trade war continues as the most effective possible distraction from central bank activities. In every instance of a stock market decline, which takes place after every instance of a Federal Reserve cut in the balance sheet or an interest rate hike, Donald Trump also seems to make yet another trade war announcement. The only outlier has been the “official launch” of the trade war with China, which saw stock markets suddenly rise.  I have witnessed numerous analysts and commentators frantic over the fact that stocks did not fall on the headlines. Some have even suggested that the investment world “loves the trade war.” What these commentators do not understand is that the headlines are meaningless and the trade war has little to do with the behavior in equities. It is the Federal Reserve and to some extent other central banks that are controlling stock market prices, along with corporate stock buybacks which are facilitated by the Federal Reserve.

I've said it before and I'll say it again — what we are witnessing is a controlled demolition of the U.S. economy, and stock markets are merely an extension of this process. They are a lagging indicator, not a leading indicator. Stocks fall when the Fed dumps more assets, and these cuts are growing larger and larger as 2018 drags on. Stocks rise when the Fed slows asset cuts in a particular week, or when companies initiate more stock buybacks. That's it. That is all there is. There is nothing else to look at when predicting what stocks will do at any given time. The facade will end when balance sheet cuts expand to a point at which buybacks cannot keep up and the slack in markets grows too fast.  Or when stock buyback cash runs out (probably by the end of this year). The trade war can and will cause various problems within the global economy, but the greater cause of fiscal distress will always be central banks. They are to blame for any future crisis.

To truth and knowledge,
Brandon Smith


Was laying on a float in the pool after getting the yard mowed and watching the clouds build back in the west. Beautiful to watch them grow and the sun shining off of them. 

I started thinking about people who are caught out in storms and trying to find somewhere to get to shelter. I am sure at some point in our lives we have all had to "run and hunker down." Lots of panic in those moments. 

I think a lot of kids that come to us in the mornings at school are seeking that shelter. Shelter from storms at home and shelter from feelings and struggles. The panic they feel causes them to act up and act out and dread going back out in the "storm." 

The sad part is what we provide is temporary. We need parents to step up and be the foundation, the walls, and most importantly the roof that keeps these kids protected, comfortable and safe. Parents need to provide the needed boundaries. No child can be sheltered in chaos and selfishness. Again, just my take. Have a good one!

Saturday, July 14, 2018


I can "feel" a practice before it even starts. Most coaches know what I mean. The mood of the athletes and the way they approach the workout is a tangible thing before practice begins. 

Life is like that. The day can start the way we choose. How many times have we been brought down by others many times have I brought others down. I tell my athletes constantly that positive thoughts, positive attitudes, and positive communication are essential for productive practices and races. Easy....maybe not. 

Like most things it takes a little work on my part. Stop complaining. Two words that carry a lot of weight. What does it change? Action instead of reaction. No place for negativity in sports from athletes, parents and fans. Encouragement over discouragement every time. Life needs to be the same way. Blessed instead of stressed! Have a good one!