Monday, October 26, 2020


These have been sent in from Elkmont residents or from published sources. Do you have one from the Elkmont area to share? Hill Spirit has not experienced any of these but one never knows...

On Robinson Road, off Veto Road and north of Elkmont, a family from the Civil War ride through the hollow in the darkness of the night.

During the Civil War, a Southern officer was captured by the Yankees and they cut off his head in front of his wife and young daughter. On many nights, the woman rides through the hollow over a small bridge. She is on a white horse and the little girl is sitting behind her. The grieving wife holds her husband in front of her. 

It is told that she is looking for his head. I don't know if that is true but I do know there is something mysterious that can be seen on that road. I couldn't make out everything but it sure does look like a woman on a horse when you go through there late at night. When she rides into your car it gets really cold, even in summer, and stays cold for a while. It's really weird. 
submitted by Robinson Road Resident

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